Garage Delight was established in 1998 with it’s first ever club event held at Cloud9 in Vauxhall South London, This sell out event was pivotal in building a brand name that to this day 20 years later is still very present & instrumental in the UKG scene.

Throughout Garage Delight’s success in becoming a key brand we must mention one brand in particular. This brand was the hub, the base, the central mechanism to every success throughout Garage Delights journey it was the historical, the infamous Pirate radio station, DELIGHT FM 103.

Delight fm had a monumental contribution to the UKG music scene & pirate radio but most importantly helping to build the brand Garage Delight. Infact the great minded team members behind Delight fm are the same great minds that built the brand Garage Delight and to this day are still making the brand grow ever stronger.

A massive turning point for the success of Garage Delight was in 1999 with ‘Garage Delights 1st Birthday’ which was held at the notorious club Colosseum based in South London. In particular this is one event that will stay in the minds of many people for years to come. This event was HUGE it was a roadblock, jam packed, the best thing of the night was the vibe, it was electric, more than epic, we had many celebrities attending plus all the main djs representing from EZ right the way to our own up and coming talent from Delight fm 103. DJ’s couldn’t get through a whole set without having the crowd screaming for a rewind on nearly every track and we have the tape packs to prove it.

Delight fm alongside Garage Delight had success in every department, which saw both brands birthing the biggest UKG act in history “SO SOLID CREW” it was at this time that things really started to take off. In order for the brand to grow we needed to take Garage Delight into bigger capacity venues such as London Astoria, Hammersmith palace, Temple, stratford Rex, the list goes on with each and every club event being a sell out. The vibe that we create at our events is magical,the emotional connection between the artists and the ravers becoming one, which is why our club events was and are like no other.

As the brand was massively successful in the uk overtime we realised we were ready to take the Garage Delight brand overseas and what better place to start than “AYIA NAPA”. This saw Garage Delight really start to grow in popularity, internationally, with sold out club events, boat parties and beach parties, if you were there you know what i’m saying when I say ‘those memories will stay with us for the rest of our lives’.

By this time we was sure that our strong dedication and team efforts had changed history forever in a major way within the uk music scene and how we would influence those coming up behind us.

Here we are today 20 years later still selling out club events our last being on 4th November 2017 at Building six at the o2 arena “WOW” what a night that was, feel free to look at our gallery to see what really went down at that event, also look out for our next event 6th May 2018 @Buildingsix ‘THE AYIA NAPA SEND OFF & MC PSG BIRTHDAY’ which is also on our events page where you can purchase tickets from.

Garage Delight would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the ravers which have supported the brand over the years wether you have supported for 20 years or 1 we are happy to have you all as part of the GD family.